Projects Overview

Condor Gold PLC has a number of projects in Central America that lie within major epithermal and mesothermal gold belts with the potential to host world class gold deposits.

The company has secured 100% ownership in a number of projects within Nicaragua and El Salvador. A current list of the Company's projects is available below.

Condor's objective is to maximise shareholder value through the discovery of significant high-grade gold deposits in Central America. The company believes it will achieve this by focusing exploration efforts on projects that have a robust exploration model with excellent potential to generate early cash flow.

Current List of Projects



Project Concession Ownership Expiry Date Area (km²)
La India Gold District La India 100% January 2027 68.50
  Espinito Mendoza 100% November 2026 2.00
  Cacao 100% January 2032 11.90
  Santa Barbara 100% April 2034 16.20
  Real de la Cruz 100% January 2035 7.66
  Rodeo 100% January 2035 60.40
  La Mojarra 100% June 2029 27.00

La Cuchilla
(formerly HEMCO-SRP-NS)

El Zacatoso

Tierra Blanca




August 2035

October 2039

June 2040




  Subtotal     313.26
Boaco Rio Luna 100% June 2035 43.00
RAAN Estrella 100% April 2035 18.00
Nueva Segovia Potrerillos 100% December 2031 12.00
La Libertad-Santo Domingo District Cerro Quiroz 20% April 2035 22.50
TOTAL       408.76

El Salvador

Project Concession Ownership Expiry Date* Area (km2)
La Calera La Calera 100% Owned under moratorium 42.00
El Pescadito El Pescadito 100% Owned under moratorium 50.00
Carolina 100% Owned under moratorium 40.50
El Gigante 100% Owned under moratorium 42.50
TOTAL 175.00

* All exploration and mining licences in El Salvador are currently under El Salvador’s moratorium on mining and exploration activity.